Throughout Herefordshire there is a strong tradition of farm cider-making. Farmers produced cider to be drunk by the farm labour force during the following year, especially the busy times of hay-making and harvest. Farmers used to sell cider to local pubs and cider merchants for re-sale in towns.

For 350 years cider production in Herefordshire has been on a rollercoaster, periodically rising to become an industry of great reputation. Throughout this time Herefordshire has been the major player in cidermaking in Britain and Herefordshire people have led the way. There is no better place to find out about cider.

The world's biggest cider mill, Bulmers(now owned by Heineken UK), is located close to the city centre of Hereford where it was built in 1887 by local vicar's son, Percy Bulmer. Sadly, visitor tours of the mill are no longer possible, but every pub and country inn in Herefordshire - as well as the rest of the UK - will stock a selection of Bulmers brands, Strongbow, Woodpecker, Scrumpy Jack or the cask conditioned, Bulmers Traditional.

Each year, in long term partnership with local farming families, Bulmers grow around 100,000 tonnes of bittersweet apples for our ciders. We have over 800 orchards in the Wye Valley, which make a significant contribution to the beautiful countryside you will pass on the cider route.