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History of Cider in Herefordshire

Old cider pressThroughout Herefordshire there is a strong tradition of farm cider-making. Farmers produced cider to be drunk by the farm labour force during the following year, especially at the busy times of hay-making and harvest. Farmers used to sell cider to local pubs and cider merchants for re-sale in towns.

For 350 years cider production in Herefordshire has been on a rollercoaster, periodically rising to become an industry of great reputation. Throughout this time Herefordshire has been the major player in cidermaking in Britain and Herefordshire people have led the way. There is no better place to find out about cider.

Cidermaking is an agricultural industry which has proved especially attractive at times of depression. Cider fruit keeps and its appearance and size are of no importance. Cider production is an activity for the slack months at the year end and orchards are useful for other farming, for instance grazing stock. Herefordshire bacon was reputed to taste especially fine!

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